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How to assign other textures

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Item used: 1 Press ctrl+3 to bring up edit window. click on “Texture” tab then left click on the outfit   ...

Create You Own Textures for Mesh Garments and Shoes

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For this tutorial I will use:  MI Rigged Mesh Women’s Liqui Liqui Suit (Click Here) MI Liqui Liqui Suit with new textures                  ...

Create a Color Layer from a Clean UV Map in Photoshop

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In this tutorial we will create a pattern that you may use to change the color or even the fabric on a full perm mesh template. The example used is Meli Imako’s Rigged Mesh Slit Down Long Dress available here. Downlo...

How to wear

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Item used: 1 Right click on avatar and select “My appearance”. Then click on “Save appearance as” and give it a na...